The Indigo Alliance Group is an accomplished, accolade-receiving company in Bangladesh, notable for employing more than 4000 staff under its large umbrella. The company is in a hard fought for, market-worthy position, enabling it to pay its employees a well-deserved salary stipend every month.

As far as corporate responsibility goes, the company is keen to ensure contentment all around. Annually 500-1000 workers are taken to various scenic locations for picnics and pleasure trips. A question may arise in the minds of some – why are less than a third of workers taken per trip? If the company is a well-established one, surely 3000 staff members should be encouraged to participate in one go.

The company can afford to take all its employees in one go, but then each member of the extended and valuable Indigo family would not receive special treatment. By dividing the staff into groups, there is enough time to touch the emotions of each individual. A considerable amount of thought is given to cocoon the event with Bengali hospitality at its best, as well as showering participants with gifts such as televisions, games, bicycles, dinner-sets, wall clocks etc. Indigo Alliance firmly believes that those who contribute to the company’s annual revenue should also reap its benefits.

These events are not decided upon at random, but planned with much care and thought. The welder or cutter is often seen in just one light, operating at their machines during working hours. Events of this magnitude reflect on the social skills of people and they allow co-workers to see each other in a different light.

Bengal Denim Picnic 2011

Pictures from our 2011 All Day Events for our Employees can be seen here

Bengal Jeans Picnic 2011
Bengal Denim Picnic 2011
Indigo Staff Wedding Funded by Indigo Alliance Group
International School Dhaka Tiny Tots visit Syntex Mills
Picture Gallery of Indigo Alliance Sponsored School (Raidakhin)

Events of this magnitude reflect on the social skills of people and they allow co-workers to see each other in a different light. A hidden soccer talent, a graceful dancing skill or an equally impressive singing voice might just need to be nurtured carefully and then brought out into the open. The simple pleasures discovered at these entertainment events, enhances the unity of the Indigo team.

Workplace Health & Safety - Employee Rights

One of the keys to earning respect is maintaining world-class standards for fair and dignified treatment of all the people who work for the Indigo Alliance Company. This commitment is conveyed in the company’s Workplace Rights Policy and Human Rights Statement. The Workplace Rights Policy serves to ensure that a consistent approach to workplace rights worldwide forms the fabric of Indigo Alliance’s company strategy, day-to-day operations and culture. The Policy contains the company’s principles on freedom of association, forced labour, child labour, discrimination, work hours and wages, safe and healthy workplaces, workplace security and community and stakeholder engagement.



Indigo Staff wedding sponsored by Indigo Alliance Group

Indigo is committed to conducting its business in ways that provide all personnel with a safe and healthy work environment. Its Safety Management System Standards and supporting requirements for worker safety and loss prevention is looked after by experienced physician Dr. Aftab Uddin Ahmed, who has treated over 400 of the Indigo team. Through this initiative, not only are workers’ health concerns looked after, but the health of their family members who act as their biggest support in the long run, are also monitored; Indigo Alliance Company incorporates Quality, Environment, Education, Occupational Safety, Health and Loss Prevention into a single framework.

To guide the company in achieving a safe working environment for its associates, the fore-mentioned physician defines a rigorous set of operational controls to manage the known aspects and risks of Indigo’s operations. The controls generally align with top international requirements and consensus standards. Full implementation of these controls will ensure that on a global basis the company is providing a workplace that meets international standards. Management of change processes are used to ensure that these controls are in line with changes to equipment, structures, process and procedures.

The physician’s team also establishes an internal audit process, to ensure that operational controls and management routines are implemented effectively. Indigo also engages recognized external audit firms to assess the compliance status of its manufacturing operations, with applicable laws and regulations, as well as company occupational safety and health and loss prevention requirements.

Syntex & Bliss Beauty Annual Picnic 2011

Using global training requirements as a baseline, substantial training is provided for the company’s associates. Training covers new hire induction and periodic refresher training for all.

Indigo Alliance is committed to a humane approach towards its staff, whose immeasurable contributions to this vast conglomerate have helped steer it in the direction. The company is true to its word and happy to share the future with its specialised and unique team.