We received our order last week and I cannot tell you how happy we are with your products. Our orders arrived early and the items fitted perfectly (even the custom order which we were very nervous about).

The color was better than we hoped for. You guys were very patient and helpful. Thank you for making our winter season rollout lot LESS stressful! -Fotex, Denmark
We can give a hearty recommendation to Bengal Indigo, We have been using them for years and are very happy with the results and experience. They have delivered–Groupe Casino, France
Bengal Indigo helped make our dream a reality. We have always wanted a diverse range of denim wear and we had a picture in our head of how we wanted our designs to look. Translating that into reality with what was available out there proved nearly impossible, especially if we wanted a color palette to choose from. Enter Bengal Indigo! We got beautiful denim and a variety of styles so we could create the collection of our dreams. And going even further above and beyond, when there was a color problem, they fixed it right away, on time, no questions asked. We would not have had the look we wanted for our current collection without them. Kudos -Tema Magazacilik & Seven Hill, Turkey
The Bengal Indigo team has been the glue that holds the production side of our business together. Their quick response and professionalism continues to make an otherwise complex business run smoothly for both ourselves and our clients.

In the 7 years we have been working together, Bengal Indigo continuously takes on every project we throw at them no matter how large and they treat every job with equal importance.-Doncawear, Netherland