Bengal Indigo Ltd is structured as a vertical solution provider to create additional value to the buyer, and to ensure high quality control to make Denim fabric (Bengal Denim) all processed on high-tech modern machines. We also have a state of the art Garment Unit (Bengal Jeans) to offer our clients a one roof service under constant monitoring of qualified Textile Technologists.

Bengal Denim is a manufacturer of high quality Fashion Denim Fabric in Bangladesh. Our Denim mill is equipped with State of the art machinery and a production capacity of 15 million meters of Denim fabric per annum.

Our Mill produces Denim fabric under skilled professionals engaged to design innovative developments in the international market. In addition, we offer the flexibility to work directly with the designers and manufacture customized designs for our buyers. Our product line at Bengal Denim ranges from basic to prestigious Denim fabrics to cater to all clients. The unique collection includes 100% cotton, Stretch, Poly Lyrca, Poly Propylene Denim and Tinted qualities, in normal, flat and special finish denim of fashion construction from 6oz to 16oz. A range of bottoming, topping colors and over dye qualities is also available.

We at Bengal Denim believe in evolving constantly. With recent additions to our finishing line we can now offer innovative finishes on all Denim fabric. We are also offering Lycra fabrics with heat setting. Another addition to our prestigious collection is the coating on the finishing range of Denim fabric.

Mechanically Bengal Denim, has one of the best Denim machinery in the world with automation controls in most machines.

Our Weaving department is equipped with modern machines: Sulzer projectile looms and Smit textile. We have a combination of both Dobbies and Tappets which have diversified our range of varieties and designs.

Bengal Jeans under the Bengal Indigo Ltd. Group is a 100% percent export oriented ready-made garments industry specialized in the manufacturing of all kinds of Bottoms and Jackets. The company which was established in January 2004 has grown in all directions satisfying our valued customers and clients.

Bengal Jeans Ltd. has an area of over 40, 000 Square Feet with an employment of over 984 skilled workers, Technicians and staffs. Our specialty is the production of basic or any kind of Fancy Pants, Shorts, Bermudas, Skirts & Jackets. Our average monthly production is about 15,000 Dzns.

In The Making of World Class Denim With State of the Art Machineries

Our Motto

• To provide adequate protection to health and safety risks arising from work activities.
• To consult with our employees on matters of Health & Safety
• To provide and maintain the plant, equipment & buildings in acceptable standards
• To ensure safe handling in use of harmful substances
• To provide instruction and supervision for our employees
• To ensure all employees are competent by selection and training
• To prevent accident and cases of work related ill health
• To help maintain our environment in accordance to national and international laws

Our Mission

We are committed to ensure supply of best quality ready-made garment to our valued customer as per specimen, sample and assurance of timely delivery every time.

Our Quality Policy

The Management of Bengal Jeans Ltd. is committed to produce and deliver to its customer the best quality of products matching our Buyer’s samples and specification. We are further committed to stay one step ahead of others in exploring globally to add better technology in order to improve the quality standard of our products.

Over the years Bengal Indigo Ltd has acquired expertise with competitiveness in terms of cost efficiency, Productivity, Quality and on time delivery. We always strive to maintain highest standard of quality and service. With Strict Quality Control at every stage, Bengal Jeans Ltd manufactures for some of the Biggest Brands in the World.

We invite all inquiries and will be glad to provide any additional information.