Eminent businesswoman Shaheen Khan with her creatively-inclined daughter Zafreen Khan, in June 2010, launched for the first time in Dhaka, an exquisite self-designed handmade Bibs, Bag & Beads collection. The glamorous show-pieces demonstrated unique hand-beaded detailing crafted in Bangladesh. The spectacular colours enhanced by the dazzling crystals make each piece a show-stopper, especially since the collection is not mass produced.

Eye-catching bib necklaces with matching clutch bags can be worn over any outfit as jewellery, to create a gorgeous new look. A bright eclipse takes place over a universe of colour and splendour in these fascinating pieces, which completes a wide range of outfits with an elegant and sophisticated touch.

Celebrities and trendsetters in the western world are going gaga over the bib necklaces. These wonderfully crafted accessories have taken all the branded retail outlets on the high street by storm. The ladies of "Sex and the City" have been fashion icons for the last decade with their trendy threads and wild styles. In their latest sequel Sarah Jessica Parker is shown wearing these funky necklaces in several scenes, to glamorize her chic outfits.

In June 2010 a super successful two day Bibs, Bags & Beads exhibition in both Dhaka and London received heart-warming accolades and a fantastic turnover.Bibs & Bags are now in displayed in renowned worldwide fashion events such as the Global Fashion festival, Asian Life Style Show and Zee Carnival to name but a few.

Behind the Scenes


The sparkly Bib and Bag collection encrusted with Swarovski type crystals and accented with opalescent beads were featured in an article in renowned Bangladeshi fashion magazine 'Purple.' High fashion models launched the new collection on the catwalk during Dhaka Fashion Week 2010! The article publised in PURPLE Magazine can be seen here - Bibs, Bags & Beads

They have been a super seller in Dhaka amongst the creme-de-la-creme of society and have also been featured in select high profile fashion exhibitions in the UK such as the esteemed Global Fashion Festival, the well-known Asian Lifestyle Show and the popular Zee Carnival.

These fascinating jewels are currently available through personal order or via mail order. A beautifully-designed, full range collection is going to be soon displayed in an upcoming website, so once you decide which ones you like best as the hippiest trend is just a click away!

Bibs Bags & Beads Sale London 2010
Bibs Bags & Beads Sale Dhaka 2010